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Mission Statement
Carolina CHAOS Sports provides an opportunity for our youth to play safe, play smart, and to learn the fundamentals of basketball; by teaching and understanding the rules, and to respect team mates and opponents. We are building leaders of tomorrow for life in the community, the classroom, and on the court; through trust, love of the game, and commitment. These goals will be accomplished by providing structured programs designed to educate both participants and parents in all aspects of the sport.
We would like for you or your business to be one of our sponsors. If you are interested in our sponsorship information, read our letter here.
Carolina CHAOS Sponsorship
All Sizes $15.74
Carolina CHAOS Tryouts
Mt. Anna Church
8th Grade - Feb 12 5pm - 7pm
Feb 13 10am-12pm

9th Grade - Feb 26 5pm-7pm
Feb 27 10am-12pm

Mead Hall
11th Grade - Feb 19th - Friday

Feb 20th - Saturday
12pm - 2pm